Delivered by RIG Arts, ‘Touching Memory’ is a project working with 45 children from Ardgowan Primary School to create items for memory boxes for patients with dementia at Orchard Grove, Ravenscraig Hospital.

Involving topic-based research on the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, practical creative skills, presentation and communication skills and web skills. Geared towards developing an understanding of dementia, engaging with elderly members of the community and those in need of care and helping to create a calm, welcoming, safe, interesting and reassuring building which embraces a sense of home for the benefit of the patients, family and staff.

Working towards the creation of works which support emotions and occupy hands and minds, providing conversation points to gently stimulate the senses.  The contents can be tailored by staff working with patients for each individual patient’s needs.

‘Touching Memory’ is firmly grounded in detailed research with facility staff, members of the design team, Arts and Environment Strategy Group, the Your Voice Continuing Care and Dementia New Build Reference Forum, and community and arts organisations within Inverclyde.

The project has been running from mid-September and is set to end in April, when the children will deliver the memory boxes to the patients and staff at Orchard Grove, and will put on a short performance in celebration.

‘Touching Memory’ is part of the ‘Hearts Hands and Minds’ project by Wide Open which sets to ensure continued community engagement once the new centre is open.

As the children are still writing content for the blog, more information will be added over time – please make sure to check back!

— All text in bold has been written by the children. —



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